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September 27, 2001

"Black Tee"
The eyes of a cat see the
Black tee of the AFB
Of a ghost finding
shelter in the storm

From a Texas AFB, a haunted house
encounter sent in by a Friend of Ghostories


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Black Tee
from "Friend of Ghostories" Kathy Christian
Hailing From: Wichita Falls, Texas
Where it Happened:
Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas

I believe my house is haunted possibly by an Air Force member who died in my house. I live in base housing at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas. These houses are around 50 years old. It started with my daughter. She told me she was in her bedroom and the cat started acting funny. She said he was staring at the wall and was growling. He turned his head like he was following something with his eyes. Just as his eyes stopped on the wall behind where my daughter was sitting, a picture on the wall looked like it was being lifted from the wall and dropped.

Since I really was having a hard time believing her, she told me about one evening when she was in the living room by herself she heard the sliding glass door open and close. Then the next evening she saw the reflection of a little girl about 5 or 6 years old in the sliding glass door. I started to believe maybe she was really experiencing these things. I'm not a skeptic when it comes to ghosts. I have lived in several haunted houses so it doesn't take much to convince me that something weird might be happening.

Then one of my daughter's friends told me she saw the image of a man in a black T-shirt turn the corner into the dining room. Two other people have related to me they, too, have seen the figure in a black T-shirt walking around the corner into the dining room (we wear black T-shirts under our uniforms and that's why I'm assuming this ghost used to be in the Air Force). And, I have to admit I do feel a slight "weird" feeling in the hallway by my daughters bedroom. The feeling was stronger when her bedroom door was closed. My daughter felt it there and in her room too.

I told my friend, Priscilla, about what my daughter had been telling me and that I noticed an eerie feeling outside of her room, especially when the door is closed. Priscilla then told me that she felt that same feeling in the hallway but never told me cuz she thought I might get scared. In my daughter's room there is a small storm shelter. She says that room always gives her the creeps. Ok, ok, it creeps me out, too.

So, I had Priscilla, who is sensitive to these things, go into my daughters bedroom. The closer she got to the storm shelter the more freaked out she got. She got the hugest goose bumps on her arm like I have never seen and she said she had to get out of there, that the storm shelter is where the eerie feeling originates from. I told her I think "Clyde" (that's what I have named the ghost) likes it better with the bedroom door open.

The next time Priscilla came over I had the bedroom door open and she said it was more peaceful, there was no eerie feeling. I think so, too. I left the door open for a couple weeks but my cat was getting in there and sleeping on my daughter's bed and getting it all hairy. Since I don't feel like washing her bed clothes all the time I asked Clyde if I can keep the door shut to keep the cat out. As long as I explain to him why I'm closing the door and talk to him every day, the weird feeling stays away. I also let my cat out every night and open the bedroom door for Clyde so he knows I care about him.

I finally got my chance to see for myself that we have someone else living with us. I was laying in bed one morning. I had just wakened up. I heard the door knob on my bedroom door turn and I looked up and watched my bedroom door open, very slowly, about 3 to 4 inches. Then it slowly closed again. I thought it was my daughter's friend Shayla, who had spent the night in my daughter's room by herself. My daughter slept with me that night. After we all got up Shayla related this story to me. She said she was laying in bed, (the head of the bed is on the wall that has a bathroom on the other side) and she heard the toilet flush. She laid there for a few minutes but didn't hear anyone come out of the bathroom. She said she thought someone may have been getting sick cuz they had been in the bathroom for a while. She got up to check on whoever might have been in the bathroom and when she tried to open the door, she said it felt like someone was pushing it from the other side. Should could not get the door open. It wasn't locked, either. The lock is broken. She finally got it open and when she looked inside, no one was there (Priscilla also had spent the night one night and when she went to go use the bathroom, she, too, felt something holding the bathroom door closed). I was freaking and so I asked her if she had opened my bedroom door earlier. She told me she hadn't. I accused her a playing a trick on us, but she swore she didn't look in on us.

That same night I was lying in bed and something told me to open my eyes. I opened them just in time to see a light swirling around on the wall and shoot out of my bedroom window. No, it was not headlights. The way my house sits, I don't get any reflections from passing cars in that window. Also, when my daughter or I am at the computer at night, we feel like someone is behind us. I even see shadows that float from behind me. Oh, and my daughter said one day she was sitting in the living room watching tv when she heard some noises coming from the hallway. When she went down the hall to check it out the television channels started changing very rapidly.

It's been pretty quiet lately. It's usually the busiest when my daughter is here. And it gets even worse when she has friends over. I think Clyde needs their "energy" to do things. I told him he can mess with me if he wants. I don't feel threatened by him at all. Actually, I feel safe knowing he's here and I think he would protect us if he had too.

Like I said before, I have lived in several haunted houses. Some day soon I'll submit one of those stories. Maybe the one about our "haunted bed."







Great encounter Kathy, thanks for sending it in. I have a special place in my heart for base housing stories. In my 1971 visit to a base on Guam (where I met some of the best people in the world) I found myself one afternoon taking shelter in the storm area under the stairwell when a huge typhoon was headed our way (and I mean, huge, I looked out to sea and could not believe my eyes!). Luckily, it veered off in another direction, but before it decided to change its course, I have to tell you the things we talked about for 3 hours in that shelter really make you aware that if those are your last moments, they are intense. So I guess you might say it wouldn't be a surprise to me to find out that storm shelters, on a scale of one to ten, hold some especially strong vibes.

I thank you for your contribution(s) to Ghostories and for sending it in. Looking forward to the story about the Haunted Bed!





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