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July 09, 2001

"The Glow"
The pics are unusual
of that it is certain,
and only the ones who view them
can determine how
unusual they might be . . .
you be the judge

A haunted family encounter from

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The "Glow"
from Cheryl
Hailing From: Somewhere in downtown United States
Where it Happened:
A Very Old, and Very Tall Apartment Building

oh myI have taken hundreds of pictures using my 35 mm camera and the pictures that I have questions about were taken in an apartment building we lived in for two years. The building was located in the middle of downtown, and is three stories tall. The first floor had businesses like a gun shop, and antique shop, bar, and a shoe repair shop. The second floor held ten apartments, and the third floor was closed off because it was basically one large storage area for the owner of the building. I'll say this building was about sixty to seventy years old.

I do want to say I have gone through all the photos I have taken with this same camera in different places and do not see this red "mist" in any of the others. I also develop pictures at work at our one hour lab and pretty much know when a negative gets exposed to light and can tell it on the pic when it is printed. These pics were all also in the middle of the roll of film which is really hard to get exposed unlike the beginning of a roll.

Please tell my what you think -- the top photo kind of looks like my niece is staring at the red spot, but I can't tell for sure.


two pics



As most of my readers know, I rarely (is this the first time?) get into the picture thing. Not that there aren't true pics out there, but I can never tell (I feel like my parents when they told me they couldn't see the difference between the old TV set and the new one, but heck, that was back in '69 -- or a few years later, the difference between stereo and mono!). But still, I can't really tell . . . .

Oh, I did want to say that while I had mixed emotions about the pics (re: the frightened look on the baby's face, I do not feel that any real harm occurring in the pics, and that the toddler was simply reacting to something unusual, as kids or anyone would do). If I thought for a moment that something was wrong, you can bet I wouldn't have placed the pics online.

Anyway, this time, I thought, hmmmmm, these are kind of interesting ... and don't let's get anyone mad at me if I make a small bit of fun, but if it ain't the baby's diaper having an "explosion" in the first pic (sorry in advance to all my readers, really, I do apologize, and please, none of that awful Email, OK? But I can't promise I won't do it again, seriously), and if it isn't some kind of chemical stain or droplet on the print, then something serious is goin' on (sounds like a song by Marvin Gaye to me, whatcha think?).

For sure, my advice to the parents is to keep an eye on this tot for the next 20 or so years, maybe even 30 years, I wanna know if we have the next John Edwards, or if he (or she?) will be gifted, or what might come to pass.

If you do look closely at the pic, you WILL notice that if that orb is flying on a path downward, the baby would have been looking at the spot it first emerged.

For sure, turn out the lights and stare at these for a few -- and you be the judge.

And then again, it could all be poppycock, who knows, but I thought for a change I would put something a little different in that was submitted by the readers.

Another funny thought, just don't encourage her to share a space shuttle with Sigourney Weaver (again, apologies in advance, I mean no disrespect) -- and the more serious thought is, keep an eye on her stomach area health wise over the years ... this could either mean she has tremendous health in this area -- or it could be a sign to be very careful diet-wise, and keep an eye on her appendix (that is where it looks like the ball of flame is headed -- I can't be sure, but maybe.

Just thoughts . . . and I guess I should say I did notice that this "orb" almost signed the lil' bit 'o hair the baby had .... oh well .... I guess I've said enough for now.

Thanks again, Cheryl for sending them in -- that was very nice.

:-) Keno




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