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June 24, 2000

"Midnight Knockers"
From the resounding bedposts of

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Midnight Knockers
by Drea
Hailing From: The Phillipines
Where it Happened:
At Our Home

My grandmother, my uncle, my 9-year old cousin (Angie), and a friend of the family (Arlene) were staying at our house for a few weeks. This was the arrangement: My uncle, Angie and I were going to sleep in my room and my grandmother and Arlene were going to sleep in the room downstairs. Anyway, my uncle had gone out with some old friends of his that night, so Angie and I could stay up late and doing the things we couldn't do when he was around.

We turned up the radio and began dancing around. It was about 12:30, my uncle still hadn't returned, when it began to rain heavily outside. A loud crack of thunder sounded, making us both scream. Then we heard a knock on the door and we saw that Arlene and our grandmother had woke up and came to us with their pillows and blankets. They asked if they could stay here for awhile, until the rain stopped. We settled down and then I asked (in a sort of teasing voice) if they got scared of the thunder and lightning. Arlene hesitated and said it wasn't the thunder and lightning, but on the nights before, she heard somebody knocking on the door, even when nobody was there.

I was fascinated and asked her to tell us more. She said that she heard somebody walking around, then faint knocking, and sometimes the knockings would be clear enough to be scared of. I was kind of excited, but I didn't really believe it. When the rain had stopped and my uncle had come home, they went back downstairs.

The next night, my uncle went out again. Angie and I were the only people awake in the entire house. She was watching TV and I was on the computer. At around 11:15, Angie was already fast asleep. I went to bed sometime past twelve, but I wasn't exactly sleepy. I turned off all the lights, turned on the radio, and sort of lay there listening to the music.

Thirty minutes later, I heard something like muffled footsteps outside my door. I couldn't distinguish exactly what it was. I was still lying down, my back to the door, trying to think of what it was. I wasn't scared because I thought it might be my Mom or my uncle arriving from his night-out. Suddenly, I began to hear one knock after another INSIDE my room. It was fast and clear. I got scared and sat up in the darkness. The knocks were still going on and they sounded like they were coming from all around my bed. I began to freak. I ventured to peep around my bed. Nothing. When it stopped, I listened for a few more minutes then I flicked my bedside lamp on. I thought it must've been Angie playing a trick on me (she was sleeping on the sofa-bed), since I used to scare her a lot before, but she was fast asleep.

* I get scared REAL easy *

I was trembling when I woke her up and told her what happened, and then she got scared too. She asked me too sleep next to her, but after that we couldn't sleep at all. Another thing, the next day I called my best friend and told her about what happened and she said something that scared me all over again. When she slept over at my house one month ago, she said she woke up in the middle of the night, hearing the exact same thing, coming from my bed.

How does that old saying go? "Don't come rocking if you hear my bed a-knockin'?" Oh my, I must be slippin' back into the corny comments -- LOL -- but for sure, thanks for the story, from now on I'll keep a pair of ear muffs next to my bed -- maybe even think about putting the Ghostories Logo on 'em -- who knows what kind of market they would have.

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