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September 17, 2001

"The Slapper"
She's quite PO'ed
In a cheap white robe
She'll get nose to nose
Make you curl your toes!

From Los Feliz, a haunted house
encounter sent in by a Friend of Ghostories


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The Slapper
from "Friend of Ghostories" Blue
Hailing From: Los Feliz, California (near Hollywood)
Where it Happened:
My Dad's house

This event took place two years ago at my dad's house. I had just broken-up with my fiancee and needed a place to stay. I was a little apprehensive because I know my dad's house has a lot of supernatural activity. You see, I grew up in that house and have had encounters with the spirits before, like someone sitting on my bed that I couldn't see, or half my body getting cold, or just knowing that someone was in the room with me. However none of these events come close to what I'm about to reveal to you tonight.

For quite sometime my dad's next door neighbor had been complaining about a ghost that was bothering them. They said it would appear behind them while they were looking in the mirror or when they were busy doing chores. They said she seemed to be in her late 40's or early 50's, rather heavy set with long black hair, and they said she was tall. They told us she always wore an old cheap white nightgown with a cheap white robe covering it.

Now, the house my dad lives in was built in the 1920's in a small suburb just outside of Hollywood called Los Feliz, and one night she started making her presence known at my dad's house. It was timely when she arrived because it was at a time when my dad was not being such a good guy. She would do stuff to him like slap him on the back of his head or once she pulled him down to floor by his shirt. After that my step-mom had a priest come over and bless the house, but it didn't work.

Still, I was in need of a place to stay and it was the only place I could go. It's a small house so I would be sleeping on the couch next to the couch that my younger brother, Guiseppe, would be sleeping on. (Guiseppe was 21 at the time and I was 30). So, one the first night we got settled and I dozed off. I awoke about ten minutes later to my younger brother playfully slapping my ankles. My eyes were still closed but I was awake. The light slapping continued to my calves and I finally said,"Cut it out Zep", but the slapping got more and more rapid. I then opened my eyes expecting to see Guiseppe, but I didn't. I only saw darkness and Guiseppe sound asleep.

The slapping continued all the way to my chest, but I couldn't manage to scream. I tried, but I couldn't because I was petrified with fear.

I then tried to get up, but as I was trying to sit up the ghost pushed me back down by my chest and held me there. What made it even more scarier was that I was able to feel its hands on me, and it felt solid and real. Again I tried again to get up, and this time it grabbed my right hand and held me down. The whole time I couldn't scream for help no matter how hard I tried, and my brother was just a step away.

So I thought to myself maybe if I open my eyes and look at it dead in its eyes it will know that I'm not afraid and it will leave, but as soon as I finished this thought I opened my eyes and there meeting my stare was the ghost -- and she had a real pissed-off look in her eyes -- and she was breathing real hard, like she wanted to seriously kick my butt. To top it off, her face was practically touching mine. We were nose to nose.

Ii was finally able to scream, but it was a weak scream and I had a hard time breathing after that.

Finally my little brother woke up and after explaining to him what happened he got a candle that had been blessed. He lit it and we said prayers. I felt safe with him even though he's my younger brother, and we are the only one's in our family who have had ongoing experiences with that world. Although, it doesn't bug him as much as it bugs me.

Before we hit the hay, she (the ghost) shot my brother a look in the mirror, and he told me that she's still here because she knows that I'm scared. He started yelling at her to go away because he had to get up early for work the next morning. Needless to say, I slept with my "little bro'" on the futon couch with his pitbull for the duration of my stay.




I have one more event I have to tell you about that happened when I was 26. It was about one in the morning on a Saturday. I was just watching ESPN when I decided to go outside to get some fresh air. So I'm out there standing around when I look to my left and see two white figures throwing a white ball between them, as if they were playing catch or something. They were approximately 20 yards from me. I wasn't at all afraid, and the truth is, if anything I felt safe and at peace and happy.

I immediately recognized them as my guardian angels.

I was watched them for a good 10 seconds when they turned towards me. I felt embarrassed for being caught looking at them, so I turned away, but when l looked again they were gone.

I walked over to where they were and asked them to come back, but they didn't. One thing I remember about them, though, they looked like they were wearing gowns and their gowns and their bodies were totally illuminated in a white light. And I remember this: when they turned their attention towards me the ball they were throwing to each other stopped in mid-air and stayed there.

. . . But like I said, I wasn't the least bit scared . . . .




Super cool story Blue. I thank you for your contribution(s) to Ghostories and for sending it in. While the first one was scary, the second one I kind of wish could happen to us all ... wouldn't it be wonderful to know we not only have Guardian Angles, but to actually see them one night under a starry sky? What an extremely peaceful feeling!

I wonder if the ball they were playing with, much like the ones in "Men in Black," could have been the universe . . .

. . . or maybe a symbol of it . . . .





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