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This Weeks Story
September 27, 2000

"Dead At One"
Unusual encounters
from the journals of

Kirah and Britt

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Dead At One
by Kirah and Britt
Hailing From: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Where it Happened:
Grandparents house

It was a normal night . . . you know no adults and up later then we were suppose to be. We were at our Grandparents house. They were out for the night with our mom and dad. We were hanging out in the attic looking at some old junk. That's when we heard a door shut downstairs . . .

Immediately we thought it was robbers and jumped out of our skin. We thought we should call the cops but decided it could have been the wind, so we quietly walked down the stairs. Down the creaking flight of stairs we stopped to listen for any sounds. We heard a dish drop and crash, and then some other noises. We stopped in our grandparents room to see if there was anything we could protect ourselves with.

Then, we heard a sharp shriek and knives being sharpened.

We started to look for a phone, because we were so scared of what was down those creaky steps. There was no phone!!

A loud crash came again with a woman's voice, "Stop it!"

We kept asking ourselves what was going on. Another slam of a door. A drop of a knife and quick, heavy steps coming towards the stairs. We kept hearing them until everything stopped . . . just dead silence.

We must have waited upstairs for 30 minutes hearing nothing until we gathered up enough courage to walk downstairs. A small kitchen knife was on the floor and the front door was open. We called our parents at the restaurant. When, they finally came home they looked around and nothing was missing except, one thing was left quite strange. Grandpa's watch clock which he had failed to remember was left dead at 1:00 a.m.

Our parents said it was some idiotic people who came to rob the house and not ghosts as we thought. The next day we went to talk to some local kids. They said about twenty years ago some guy murdered his wife by stabbing her in our grandparents house. After the murder, the house was sold to our grandparents. The only way they knew the man killed his wife was the handheld watch he owned that was stopped dead at 1 o'clock.

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