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December 14, 2000

"Sands of Time"
Staircase winding, up, then down,
the sands of time
are all around,
delivered granulated, from

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Sands of Time
from Judy
Hailing From: Medina, Ohio
Where it Happened:
Visiting a House with Friends

My scary encounter happened when I was about 8 years old. I went with some friends to visit people they knew who had an old white house with a very large porch and a twisting staircase. My event happened on that old staircase.

I was busy being a kid and running up and down the stairs. We all decided to play hide and seek. When it was my turn to hide and it seemed like an eternity hiding without anyone finding me in the bathroom so I decided that I would have a look down the long winding staircase to see if anyone was close by. I opened the door and looked down the stairs but did not see any kids.

Instead I was horrified by the site of a old gray see-through man (or ghost) climbing up the staircase looking right at me.

At first I was frozen and could not move or speak. My gut instinct was to run and hide but he kept coming closer and closer to me. He was dressed in garb that resembled the 18th Century. He was all gray and see-through.

He was looking at a pocket watch on a chain he had attached to his pants pocket. Suddenly he spoke to me saying that time was running out as he looked at his watch.

I had no idea who he was much less what he had to say. I finally got the nerve to scream and slam the bedroom door. I went back into the bathroom and put something by the door because I thought he was coming for me. It took a long time before the adults could pry me from that room.

I told them what had happened and they reassured me that there was not any old man living in the house. I pondered about this for many years and the only thing that happened after I saw him was the death of my father at a young age. He died about 2 weeks after I saw the old man.

I still wonder if there was some connection between the two things happening. I guess I will never know.



Thanks Judy for your story. Some connections in the after life, as well as our current life, are hard to make. Often in both realities nothing makes complete sense. Then after time and just plain one day at a time living, they are revealed to us. If you always keep what you need to find fresh in your mind, you will uncover the answer you are looking for.



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