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And Now for
Ye Olde Ghostories
Stories Placard

Our New-er Stories

"Hilo Happening"
(Visitor Story added 5-09-2000)
It don't matter
IF you're big or small
Most these ghosts
will catch y'all . . .


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Basement Sleepers"
(Visitor Story added 4-08-2000)
In the dark
In a basement
She chastised her chamber ghost
and was paid a special midnight visit . . .


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Lantern Man "
(Visitor Story added 3-10-2000)
The light it lights
in sequence right
And the workers respond just so
Unless of course someone loses their head . . .


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"The Inexplicable"
(Visitor Story added 2-13-2000)
On a hardwood floor
A coat hanger dances
And in the same room a child appears
Still looking for his mother . . .


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Wrung Out of the House"
(Visitor Story added 2-7-2000)
Look Ma, no plug!
I guess these days they just
Don't make things as good as
Those old-fangled haunted contraptions!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Life with Fred"
(Visitor Story added 1-7-2000)
Hangin' with Fred
Even if he's dead

Makes no diff-er-ence to me
Think I'll make him my friend
Instead . . .


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Visitor Story added 12-30-99)
Here the footsteps
As they fall
Up the stairs
And down the Hall!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"There! In the Corner!"
(Visitor Story added 12-27-99)
When you gamble
On a Return Visitation
in Vegas
You're taking up a side bet
Against the House!

"Seven Ghosts Plus One"
(Visitor Story added 12-13-99)

There's a Red House
over yonder

That's where my
Baby stays

"Waterbed Woes"
(Visitor Story added 12-01-99)
Getting "Sloshed"
Takes on a whole new

Imagery with this new Encounter!

"New Found Friend"
(Visitor Story added 11-18-99)
Oh Playmate,
Come out and play with me
Into the Army

And we'll be special friends

"Vanishing in White"
(Visitor Story added 11-10-99)
Her hand on the stairwell

She is clearly in view

Her presence unthreatening
And you'll see her too!

"Into the Tunnels"
(Visitor Story added 10-31-99)
Appearing nightly
from another time
Hiding is over

Can't make this rhyme
Happy Halloween!

"Hotel Guests"

(Visitor Story added 10-30-99)


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Our Newest
Added 2-08-2000
* * * * * * *

"John Taylor"
New Member Story from Lyn Landon

He's a scoundrel who's part dog
. . . and part man
When it comes to work

He's the "no can do" man
No wonder folks call him a dog!


"Of Sea Captain's & Cars"
by Ghostories Member April
Selling the land
Against his will
Stanger things
Have happened still!


* * * * * * *
"The Shadow Room"
by Ghostories Member Dwight Holland
Casting Shadows on the Wall
That don't bother me at all
Playing solitaire 'til dawn
Seeing the bed rise up and down . . .

* * * * * * *
"The Haunted Ring"
by Ghostories Member "Cheryl"
Downstairs in an old toolbox
Locked away in the basement
Unlocked and uncovered
But meant to remain in its place . . .

* * * * * * *
"The Paralyzor"
by Ghostories Member Dale Johnson
You'll hear him breathing
From some lost corner
You wake up screaming
Pinned down . . . !

* * * * * * *
"Pull Up a Chair"
by Ghostories Member "John"
On Alert
For all eternity
Until someone
Simply invites you to
Relax and be at home
* * * * * * *
"Old Betsy"
by Ghostories Member "Cheryl"
Ring, ring
Goes the bell
All the way down the lane
And over a bridge -- in time

* * * * * * *
by Ghostories Member April Rodriguez


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"The Blue House"
(Visitor Story added 10-29-99)
The Aftermath of a Fire
Not dreams that went up in smoke
Apparitions and strange noises

"Grandma's Memories"
(Visitor Story added 10-24-99)

After this short story
The smell of freshly baking bread
Will never be quite the same

"Angry House at Donner Lake"
(Visitor Story added 10-14-99)
You come to enjoy
You should live like a King
But stayin' on "top,"
Is quite another thing . . .

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"Acting Up"
(Visitor Story added 10-13-99)
Bad boys just gotta do
What bad boys

Just gotta do

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"A Jar Cry to Silence"
(Visitor Story added 10-11-99)
Bury it deep
Over its top
Cries in the Night
When Uncovered will stop

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"Big John"
(Visitor Story added 09-26-99)
He's here
He's tall
Hobblin' around, he'll turn off your lights
That's all!

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"Those Blessed Walls"
(Visitor Story from the
Philipines added 09-15-99)

The walls
Yes, those walls
I can even feel THOSE walls!
Should we call a Priest?

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"Invisible Knockers"
(Visitor Story Added 09-12-99)
Bada Boom
Bada Bing
And they even installed cameras
But nada thing!

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"Help From Above"
(Visitor Story Added 09-06-99)
He's right there
The one you're looking for
And even your little one can see him!

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"Allow Me to Introduce You"
(Visitor Story Added 08-24-99)
Down your hall
From the mouth of babes
To let you know, he loves you

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"The Grey Lady"
(Visitor Story Added 08-15-99)
This nurse will rock those blasted
Call buttons right outta their sockets!
Our Ghostories Knight-in-gale in
Grey Armor at Your Service

* - - - - * - * - - - - * -

"Near Misses"
(Visitor Story Added 08-12-99)
There's only one thing worse
Than ants at a picnic!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Over Here We Have All Sizes"

(Visitor Story Added 08-04-99)
There's short ones, tall ones
Skinny ones, small ones
Ghosts in every shape and sizes
Come and git em
While they're

"Wings of Comfort"
(Visitor Story Added 07-31-99)
No loved one really ever exits
Without in some way saying goodbye
No matter how short a time
They've spent with us



"Apple of My Pie"
(Visitor Story Added 08-01-99)
Middle of the night
Don't be a snook
Here's a ghost that really "cooks!"

Great Campfire Story!

"Teenage AfterGlow "
(Visitor Story Added 07-22-99)
Visiting your old home
Over and over and over again
Makes sleeping in a tent
Just a tiny bit more challenging!

"Coffee Table Hellion"
(Visitor Story Added 06-02-99)
Run, run, run
Over my TV Guide
And my drink coasters

"The Band Played On"
(Visitor Story Added 07-29-99)
Open field of dreams
Isn't what it seems
Trenchcoats make us scream . . .

"Black Sabbath, Black Eye"
(Visitor Story Added 07-10-99)
The curser is cursed
the friendship is worse
And the band still jams away

"The Answer My Friend"
(Visitor Story Added 06-07-99)
Wind in my hair
Brings a friend
From beyond

"First Class R.M.S."
In Port and Docked
Yet Forever Out to Sea


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"Screamin' Demon"
(Visitor Story Added 05-28-99)
"It easy,
You just open your mouth
And bellow!"

"Hot Summer Voices"
(Visitor Story Added 05-24-99)
With or without
Air conditioning
They'll still keep you up
Late at night

"Waited Too Long"
(Visitor Story Added 05-18-99)
There in the doorway
Standing in the Hall
Just a memory
Many years later, after all

"Willard's Ghost"
(Contributor Story Added 05-07-99)
Workin' out, late at night
No pain, no gain
Can be a fright!

"Trans-portation Nurse"
(Visitor Story Added 04-28-99)
You are quite simply who you are
Until you're transported somewhere else
Living through a near-death experience
A continent away!

"Tool Man"
(Visitor Story Added 04-21-99)
A short tale
of father to son

"Welcome to Haltom City"
(Visitor Story Added 04-10-99)
Nice house, nice neighbors
strange ghosts, invisible kids
and the ever popular
"Window Toss"

"Blazing Bridals"
(Visitor Story Added 04-3-99)
She'll be comin'
Down the staircase
When she comes!
Two Thrree Four!!

"Reap THIS!"
(Visitor Story Added 03-27-99)
Fiery breath
horns and all
Running up the stairs
and down the hall!

"Aye Eye Yikes!"
(Visitor Story Added 03-21-99)
Seeing is believing
Believing is seeing
Loss of vision could be
Harmful to your relatives

"First Class R.M.S."
In Port and Docked
Yet Forever Out to Sea

"Tip o' the Hat"
(Visitor Story Added 05-20-99)
Board games and mirrors
Tugs in the night
Hands on yer shoulders
Gives us a fright!

"Rock 'n Roll"
(Visitor Story Added 05-13-99)
When they walk that walk
And then toss stuff around

"After the Stuggle"
(Visitor Story Added 04-26-99)
He fought & died
In his home where his
Spirit still lives on

"It Seems to Float"
(Visitor Story Added 04-23-99)
Down under
Floating past
My doorway

"The "Z Man" IZ Coming!"
(Visitor Story Added 04-16-99)
Late at night
while you lay sleeping
Into our room
the Z Man comes creeping!!

"Juliet, Juliet! "
(Visitor Story Added 04-6-99)
Center stage
Is all the Rage!

"Hi Yo Silver!"
(Visitor Story Added 03-31-99)
For breakin' spells
Any blocking spirits
Nothing beats some coins
They fear it!

"Shadow Steps"
(Visitor Story Added 03-24-99)
Sounds announce
your arrival
Long after you've been long gone

"Claws Call"
(Visitor Story Added 03-19-99)
Running in terror down the hall
Ain't my idea of excercise at all!

"Slow Burn"
(Member Story Added 03-04-99)
Circle round, strike a match
See if something evil will catch



"Chop Chop"
(Visitor Story Added 03-20-99)
The Ax-man cometh
(No, not the "Tax Man" . . .
Now THAT would be really scarey)
Hey Rocky! Watch me pull
some kindling outta my hat!

"An Angel to Watch Over Me"
(Visitor Story Added 03-14-99)
Send me an Angel
to watch over me

"Tao Tao Mona Trickster"
(Visitor Story Added 03-12-99)
Come ride the haunted isle with me
And hear a tale from oversea

(Visitor Story Added 2-14-99)
They tried to save him
Now he still returns

"Come On, Bark! I Dare Ya!"
(Visitor Story Added 2-12-99)
Beware of very quiet dog

"Ten Minutes Too Much"
(Visitor Story Added 2-06-99)
I'm outta here
Right now, today! Hasta Bye-bye!!

"It's Here Somewhere!"
(Visitor Story Added 2-05-99)
You cain't have it
But when I hide it, neither can I!

"The Cottage"
(Visitor Story Added 2-04-99)
You Deserve a
Break Today!

"Walk With Me"
(New Visitor Story Added 2-03-99)
Graveyards and Grannies
We'll take solicitors any day!

"The House With the Hands"
(New Visitor Story Added 1-30-99)
There's a stone carver
Who used to live here
And a little girl who will
Never be forgotten

"They're Here"
(Visitor Story Added 03-01-99)
Building a new home?
And you thought that
Just getting the permits was going
to be the hard part!

(Visitor Story Added 2-28-99)
Accident-o-Gram, Ma'am

"Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut"
(Visitor Story Added 2-22-99)
There she was just a-walkin'
Down the street . . .
Singin' Do-wah-ditty-ditty-dum-ditty-do!
(Yes, some women do have a strange
effect on men -- this is for certain!)

"I'll Miss You All"
(Visitor Story Added 03-13-99)
I'll see your face in a thousand places
A hundred faces
And when you think of me
Know I'll miss you for all eternity

"Home Alone with an Angel"
(Visitor Story Added 03-10-99)
Beautiful creature in my hallway!

"Model GhosTee,
Village Mo-Ghoul"

(Visitor Story Added 03-03-99)
No see-ums in Mu-seums

"Down the Stairs"
(Visitor Story Added 2-13-99)
Narrow stairs raise hairs!

"Mirror, Mirror"
(New Visitor Story Added 2-02-99)
Honest Mom and Dad
The dorms are fun
But can we live in an apartment next semester?

"The Reaper"
(New Visitor Story Added 1-31-99)
Something's not right
We've had a "visitor" tonight
And he coming here to take someone home

"Silver Storm"
(Visitor Story Added 1-22-99)
Tonight's the night
We turn out the lights
And try to make
some sense of it all . . .

(Visitor Story Added 1-17-99)
They sometimes float out there
Definitely one way to get our attention!


"Hands On Experience"
(Visitor Story Added 03-03-99)
Next time you ask for
Someone to give you a hand
Make sure you're in a brightly lit room!

"Last Lunch For You"
(Visitor Story Added 2-26-99)
Scrappin' in the lunchroom
Just gets you nothing but
A big brown bag fulla troubles

"November Chills "
(Visitor Story Added 2-21-99)
Tapping on your shoulder
Makes you less boulder!
The room's getting colder . . .

"No More Wee Jees"
(Visitor Story Added 2-19-99)
He comes, he visits
They leave!


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