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This Weeks Story
February 16 , 2001

"Old Photos"
You never know when that
picture you're about to take
Might someday make
a distant relative
jump and quake!

From a house that is never lonely
comes this ongoing encounter from


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Old Photos
from Jason
Hailing From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Where it Happened:
My house where I live

The happenings in my house have been going on for as long as i can remember. I know my house is haunted, not hinted by one big event, but numerous small ones. Sometimes in the night you can hear footsteps in the hallway and i just kidded myself until one night I went out and checked. Well you guess it! No one was there. I checked my brother's and parents room and they were all asleep. It usually starts happening when everyone's asleep around 1 or 2am, but sometimes you can hear it if you're just watching TV or sitting there . . .

When I'm alone and down here on the computer, and then go upstairs to get something the eat, I get the odd feeling of a presence, that there is someone or some-thing watching me. And sometimes when I sit down to watch TV the channel will change or the volume will go as high as it can without me even touching the remote or the controls on the TV.

There's an old rocking chair in the living room that if everything in the house is calm and you could be just resting or something the rocking chair would rock like someone was in it. It will just move back and forth and sometimes you'll even hear someone snoring. (Strange, huh?)

The *big* thing happened last summer during our family reunion. My little cousin was 3 years old at the time and was downstairs watching TV by himself. (Just to let you know, he didn't have any problems and seemed to love being here at our house. He ran upstairs yelling and screaming "Mommy!! Mommy!! There are three men downstairs that are talking and laughing but I don't know them! What are they doing here!?!"

My father, my uncle and I all went downstairs to check it out. And that's right, no one was there. Then a couple days later when everyone was looking through the photo albums we came across a picture of my great great grandfather, his brother and his son, and my cousin got right worried and said that those were the three men who were downstairs that day.

The house I live in may not be old but the land was owned by my ancestors for hundreds of years (since the late 1600's). Some people say to get the house cleansed to set their spirits at rest, but the ghosts seem to enjoy it and it's like having a roommate or a border staying with you. Just something you get used to, and the house would seem kind of lonely without my relatives there.

By the way, I love your site and come whenever I get the chance. Thanks for doing such a great job.


Thanks, Jason, for sending in your encounters of the "residence" variety. As I was editing and laying out the text I couldn't help picturing the song at the ending of Beetelguese (did I spell that right?) where they play the Harry Belefonte song and the ghost football players appear on the stairs.

Time is ageless and it seems the older a place is, the more likely it will be to "keeping the relatives around." Especially at family reunions, I would think. To get a really good picture of how time itself embraces families / generations, and not the other way around, see the movie "The Red Violin."

I guess at this point, I'm just putting thoughts on paper, but I want to say that I appreciate the good words about the site, but if it weren't for you and our supporters, my work wouldn't mean much. The applause continues to go to the ones who come to the site -- me, I'm just the caretaker.

All for now, have a great weekend!

~~ Keno




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