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This Weeks Story
September 11, 2000

Unusual encounters
from the Irish wood journals of


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by Fidelma G.
Hailing From: Drogheda, Ireland
Where it Happened:
Drogheda Co. Louth, Ireland

It was in the year 1993 and I was a lively 18 year old ... a group of friends and myself decided that we would camp out in the woods, you know, so we could do the usual stuff like drink a few cans and have a laugh. It was the early hours of the morning when I started to feel tired. I was dreaming I was walking down this street ...

. . . It was somewhere that didn't look familiar to me.

In the dream I met a man to whom I started to talk with. He proceeded to walk ahead of me and, as I followed him around a corner, he vanished -- and in his place was this hazy figure of blackness (that is the best I can describe it to you).

The figure lunged at me -- and I woke up. Relieved to see everyone, I was just about to tell them the dream (apparently I had been jumping in my sleep), when there in the corner of the camp was the figure!

Suddenly, everything went cold around us and a strange smell surrounded us. The figure attacked me and all the voices around me faded out. I could see my friends, but I couldn't hear them I was screaming and was thrown from side to side while the others tried to hold me down.

The figure had piercing red eyes and I felt as if it were (funny as this may sound) trying to enter into me. But, as soon as it started, it stopped -- suddenly, and all the sound came back around me.

We ran as fast as we could out of that wood. Apparently my friends could not see the figure, but the camp was cold and they had witnessed me been thrown around -- and they also got the smell.

Needless to say we have not to this day returned to those woods, and yet I am just wondering, why did it choose me?


I thank you, Fidelma, for the sharing your encounter.

I only wonder, what that could have been -- mortal or spirit. And, all the way from Ireland too!

There are things that can occur for no reason at all, and things that have reasons that rarely occur. This must certainly fall into that category. Mythical, magical or immortal, who is to know. The real question begs: for what reason would something from here or beyond want to cause you harm?

I hope you find out, someday ... I do ... because while I can't imagine causing anyone harm, there are those who have lived their lives who did, and do. Hopefully, this spirit will stay in the woods, and not cause you harm again.

I think I will visit another mythical place, and ponder this forest story ... care to join me?


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