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This Weeks Story
February 27, 2001

The smell and scent of pipe smoking curling
and rockers churning
lets us know Gramps is still there

in his favorite chair
From a house with a smokin' rocking chair
hails this encounter from


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from Dawn
Hailing From: Southgate, Michigan
Where it Happened:
My Granny's House

When I was young I used to live with my great-grandmother. Everyone who knew her called her Granny. Unfortunatly my great-grandfather, Gramps, died before I was born. But Granny used to tell me stories about him . . . .

Gramps had a favorite chair in the basement living room. He used to sit there while smoking his pipe and reading his paper. Not long after his death, my mother and my aunt were sitting down there watching television. They were talking about Gramps, and about how much they missed him. Then, at the same time, they both noticed the distinctive smell of burning pipe tabacco. When they looked in the direction of Gramps' chair, they saw curls of smoke rising toward the ceiling.

Pretty cool, huh!

Gramps also had a bad habit of leaving the bedroom light on, for which he always got yelled at by good ol' Granny. Granny was heart-broken after his death. One day, about a week after he passed away, Granny walked into the bedroom to find the light on. She flicked the switch to cut it off, but it would not turn off. It was then she felt a presence in the room with her. She turned towards the bed, and there she saw Gramps, plain as day, sitting on the bed.

She immediatly started weeping, and he moved from the bed, walked over to her, and held her in his arms. He told her not to worry, and not to let grief overwhelm her, that she had a wonderful family that needed her. He said that he loved her very much, and that he would always watch over her and the kids.

He said good-bye and was slowly fading away, when Granny heard him call out, "Don't worry, I'll get the light." . . . And the light cut off!

After that Granny was much better, and started to go on with her life. But the funny thing is, from that day forward the overhead bedroom light never turned on again. They replaced the switch, that didn't fix it. They called out an electriction, he checked everything out, but could not find a single thing wrong, anywhere.

So the light remains off.



Way cool story, Dawn! Thanks for sending it in and thanks for coming to Ghostories. Now I know why I'm all thumbs trying to fix those lights in my garage -- but that's another story completely!

~~ Keno



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