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August 1st, 2000

"Nightgowns and Northern Lights"
A personal encounter from the
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Nightgowns & Northern Lights
by Jessica
Hailing From: Munster, Ontario, CANADA
Where it Happened:

This happened to my parents. My sister and I weren't born yet, it was the summer of 1979 and my parents were sitting outside in the backyard. That summer had been known for Northern Lights.

Our backyard is pretty big, and behind it is a field (at the time, the field wasn't grown up much) and a pumping station to the side. They hadn't been drinking or doing anything that night, they were just sitting outside enjoying the nice weather -- when they saw a woman, who looked like someone wearing a long white nightgown.

She was just walking through the field. My parents didn't really think anything of it, she was pretty close to our gate, but she wasn't hazy or glowing and she didn't seem to be in any trouble. What they did notice was that when the woman came to the pumping station gate, she disappeared.

She went through the gate and vanished.

My father went to the pumping station, from the other way, using the road, but no one was there. They're still not sure what it was, if it was just the Northern Lights, or something else, but they haven't seen it again.

This summer there is supposed to be a lot of Northern Lights, so I'll be watching ... and I'll update this story if I do see something.

A Familiar Walk


Soft, sultry and spooky! Just the way I like 'em! Thanks for sending it in.

What did also catch my eye was the name of your town! I'll have to look that one up on the map :-)


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