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Because You Don't Believe
by Eve
Hailing From: Canada
Where it Happened:

OK everyone, this happened a long time ago when I was fourteen. My friends and I were into Ouija boards, and also the card game where you use them to ask questions and it is black for no and red for yes.

Well I was mostly just into using the Ouija board more then the cards as I thought that using cards was kind of silly. Now here is were it starts getting weird ( some of this happened in my presence and some not so I can only say that I know what I saw was real and I don't believe that my friends would have lied about what they say happened, okay now with that said on with my story).

After we got to school one day after the weekend, we ran into our friends that had played with the cards and this was there story: Jay, Erik and Melody (names all changed) had been playing with cards and asking questions when all of a sudden Melony got up and picked up Jay and threw him across the room, and then she passed out.

When she woke up she had no idea what had happened. So anyway on Monday nothing happened all day so we thought you know maybe they had upset some spirit and that was the end of it.

So after school as usual me and my friend Mary were using the Ouija board but it wasn't really working so we decided the heck with it. Well she went home and I figured I would go up and do some homework before supper -- ha -- Well I was in my room listening to my stereo and all off a sudden it went off and when I looked the damn thing was unplugged no kiddin' I started hearing people talking in my room.

I grabbed my mom's bible and just started reading from it . . . it scared me . . . and thankfully, the voices stopped

Well, that was it no more Ouija board for me.

The next day at school Melony was a little off and I guess someone had blabbed about the other night because a whole pile of people were bugging at her and one was holding onto her by her jacket and it ended coming off and sparks flew off it no kidding, they were sparks -- and her pupils were square not round.

Mary and I grabbed Melody and hauled her out of the school to where Jay was out smoking with Erik and we told them what happened and that we were taking her home to which we were told that her mom was home so we ended up taking her to Jay's house and hanging out in his camper trailer in the back till after school. Well, when we get there Melody proceeds to say to me "you heard voices because you don't believe" --- AND I HAD NEVER TOLD ANYONE ABOUT THE VOICES!!!!

Well that was it. I was so freaked out and then Mary decides that we should use cards to ask why this is happening, so we took off our crosses and started with the cards, when part way into the cards Mary asks, "Is you, are you really here (ever the skeptic), and if you is, prove it."

Well that was when the camper started shaking I got up and grabbed my cross. It was turning hot!!!

And, well, that was it for me! When Jay finally got home we told him what happened and then I went home and threw out my Ouija board and cards. After that day nothing happened, but when I got to school the next day to face detention for skipping the vice principal had a friend of his who was a priest come into talk to me.

Well that is all sorry this was so long. I hope you don't think I am crazy but I swear that this is all true!!


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