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This Weeks Story
August 21st, 2000

"Someone in My Bed?"
A most unusual encounter
of the waterbed variety, hailing from the
Journals of

Ohio Tom

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Someone in My Bed?
by Tom
Hailing From: Ohio
Where it Happened:

My brother and I were living in a condo together a few years ago and had an interesting, and chilling experience. While having dinner with our girlfriends in the family room, we decided to rent a few movies. When everyone went to get the movies, I decided to stay behind, clean up and take a shower. While I was in the shower, I heard some noises, as if they had returned with the movies -- and when I got out of the shower I was still hearing sounds as if there were people in the condo.

Not thinking anything, I opened the door of my bathroom and saw that my comforter was pulled up as if someone had jumped into my bed and gotten under my covers. I have a waterbed, so there was motion too. Thinking that my girlfriend had just climbed into my bed, I snuck over and pulled the sheets off.

But nothing was there!

I remember feeling all the hair on my back stand on end. I slowly got dressed and went into the family room.

No one was there.

When my brother got home, he asked if I felt alright because I looked green. I told everyone what had happened when my brother butted in and told me that earlier, in the morning, he came into my room and felt really wierd. He came in to borrow a shirt of mine while I was still in bed. He thought I may have slept through my alarm or I wasn't going into work that day, but the truth was, I wasn't even home.

To this day he swears someone was in my bed. I really can't explain these experiences but, I will say it is something we will never forget.


Now, not to poke fun, but if I had told that story to my girlfriend (back when I was single), I would imagine she would have grinned and simply told me it was "wishful thinkin'!" -- Still, thanks for sending it in and I do wonder what happened, as I am sure you do too.




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