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This Weeks Story
January 10 , 2001

"Devil or Angel"
Sound of furniture moving
upstairs and around,
signs of good things
this time abound

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Devil or Angel
from Laura
Hailing From: Berlin, MD
Where it Happened:
At my house in Berlin

Before I start I have to say that this is one of the many occurrences that have happened to me or my family, especially of the female gender, since as long as I can remember. I used to lived in this house about 10 or 11 years ago in a small town of Berlin, Maryland. It was my father-in-law's house which was left to him after his parents died, who had built and lived in the house. When my husband and I got married we moved in and immediately I knew something was in there.

My husband worked the graveyard shift so I and my infant son were alone at nights. It didn't bother me too much when I got use to it. Anyways, every night I would hear furniture moving in the upstairs bedroom right above my room. There was no one in the room because we never used the upstairs at all except for storage. All night and every night this would go on. Several times I got the nerve to investigate and nothing would be out of place and the noises would stop.

Occasionally, I would have guest spend the night and even they would hear the noises as well, so I know I wasn't going crazy.

Unfortunately after about two years into my marriage we were having problems and I would have chest pains due to stress. I got them quite often and could do nothing more than take some aspirin and get some rest. One night I was getting pains so I did the norm and went to bed.

I had just laid down. The pain felt as if I couldn't take it anymore, and it was then that I heard a woman's voice whisper softly above me, and as she spoke, I began to feel a hot and cold sensations rushing though my body.

And suddenly everything was quiet.

For the very first time it was actually quiet at night. I felt great the pain was instantly gone. I went a couple weeks pain free. It was amazing because I wasn't scared like you would think, just calm. I don't exactly know who or what it was that helped me that night, but I suspected it had to be either a ghost or an angel.



Thanks for your encounter Laura. It sounds like you were going through a stage many families went through when we first struggled to build our homes, shape our lives, find our niche in our jobs and careers -- and try to juggle all three while balancing the almighty checkbook. It also sounds like you had a friend, indeed, who somehow may have communicated to you that the problems you may have been perceiving at that particular time in your life may not be as big as your worries manifested to you in a very physical way.

While I am no expert, my bet is that indirectly you learned how to calm yourself, kind of like the relaxation techniques we find on TV and in books, and that instead of having someone tell you how to do it, a spirit may have transmitted the instructions to you via your subconscious. (I know, sounds far-fetched, but plausible.)

I'd even bet that if you looked into the past life of your in-laws, you might well find that your mother-in-law was what people call a "healer" personality, and probably came to the aid of many who only needed to hear, "it's going to be all right." And I'll bet that it was she who was standing over you that night.

After all, with her son working, and her grandson in the mix, she needed you in tip-top shape. Funny, when motivated by a vested interest, I would guess most spirits can do a lot of good things we would never attribute the more popular view of a "ghost."


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Happy New Year Everyone

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