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October 20, 2000

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from Tracy
Hailing From: Lexington, Kentucky
Where it Happened:

Well I guess I should start by saying that I have never personally encountered anything that I would consider to be supernatural, but to take a line from The X-Files "I Want To Believe!" I have always loved a good ghost story and have always encouraged friends and family to tell me theirs. As a result I have collected quite a few stories through the years and I would like to share my favorite with you now.

This story happened to my friends grandfather when he was a little boy. For this story I will call him "John". John was of polish descent and spent his childhood in Poland. When he was seven his grandfather passed away. As was the custom in those days, the body of the deceased was prepared for burial, placed in a coffin, and displayed at family residence for visitation. This usually lasted for a few nights and relatives would stop by to pay respects.

On the second night after all the visitors had gone for the evening, John was in the kitchen playing. The kitchen was across from the parlor where his grandfather's body was being kept. Suddenly there was a terrible commotion from the back yard. The family had several chickens that were kept behind the house. At that moment they all began to squawk and flap and make lots of other chicken noises.

John's father took his gun and ran outside expecting to find a thief amongst the chickens. Instead he found two of his chickens ripped to pieces. As he stood there trying to determine what had taken place he heard John scream from inside the house.

He ran in to find a pale and trembling John standing in front of his Grandfather's coffin. As he stepped forward it was clear why John had screamed. There were chicken feathers covering the body and the hands that lay crossed over his chest were covered with blood as if he had just killed a chicken.



I thank you for your story, Tracy, and I mean no disrespect but I have to tell my readers that this story was sent in to me in ernest and that it is for real ... so all I can say is, well, quite possibly I am speechless. But all things the same, I really, really think of all the stories sent in to date, and I might add, from a Site Supporter, this one had to have the best last line! It was so good I sent it with my kids to school and I hope their teachers like it too, because I truly did -- however, going to KFC this week is out -- I think I'll opt for Red Lobster, or Burger King, or something like that ... beef, lobster, but no hot wings, for sure...

Seriously, thanks. Tracey, you have a Happy Halloween and from all of us at Ghostories to you, the very best of seasons!



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