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This Weeks Story
June 17, 2000

"Dorm 420"
From the college days (and nights) of
Andrea McIntyre


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Dorm 420
by Andrea McIntyre
Hailing From: Waterville, NY
Where it Happened:
At a College in Buffalo

I went to a private four year catholic college in Amherst, NY which is a suburb of Buffalo. This college was pretty old. The only main dorm on campus was an all girls dorm, which I lived in. Halfway through the year I switched rooms, yet the whole time I lived in the one room I always got these weird feelings like I was being watched.

I didn't want to tell me roommate cause she would think I was nuts and we already didn't get along. Well, April came and my old roommate and her new roommate began having problems sleeping. They kept hearing someone knocking on their wall. The room they were in was the last room on that side of the hall. Being on good terms with my old roommate, I was able to experience some of these events, yet from a distance.

Our rooms were set up as suites, and I lived in the suite with them. Every time I entered the room everything would stop. Why? I don't know, cause the "spirit" most have known if I saw anything I would ruin a good outfit!

Well the knocking went on for a few days, then everything changed, the "spirit" now had a sex, we all felt that it was a woman, plus "she" started to verbalize her presence to us. She would sign in Latin prayers to my two suitemates.

After one restless night my old roommate woke to shower for class, and someone started to hum, and the humming came from behind her. She turned around and yelled at her roommate, "Jen that wasn't funny!"

Well to her surprise Jen was sound asleep.

The spirit started to pick areas of the room to haunt, like the blinds in the windows, they would move and the window would be closed. She would also sit, if you would tell her to sit, in a green chair the two had in the room.

Finals were soon to begin and everyone was stressed to the max, and of course this is when things really started to pick up. She started to show herself more and more to others. We had two friends that wouldn't step in the room after she had played with the blinds so much they would run right out of the room.

That wasn't the end to that night, she behaved if you would say, rude, and crude, so much that the two girls that lived in the room where going to go to a hotel and stay the night. But when I entered the room everything stopped.

Finally sick of it and in need of study time they asked her to leave them alone. Well she left them alone and started in on me. Alone in the suite on night, while everyone was away studying, I got ready for bed, and had changed, and was taking off my make-up. I heard what I thought was my suite-mate Hyacinth coming into her room in her normal cheerful voice -- so I walked into their room but no one was there. Now I knew I had heard her voice, but I wasn't that stressed yet. So I called out to see where they were, and sure enough they were still there. I've never changed that fast, in my life, and I was out the door, to where they were at. As we returned to our dorm, none of us wanted to go back, but we knew we had to. Holding each others hand we entered the room, to find no one there.

Lets just say I was never alone again.

After that night, nothing happened. I've always believed in ghosts because I live in a old house, and boy are there stories there. But I've never be scared to be alone. To make matters worse, we weren't the only ones she bothered She sang the girl in the room across the hall to sleep, and made her rounds each night to from room to room.

If you ever go to Daemen College and live in room 420 be prepared, because I know I wasn't!!!

From the sounds of it, and since it was a religious oriented institution, it's my bet you were visited by the "Lights Out" nun -- the one who, in the old days, would come around and make sure all the lights (as well as the boy) were out and that no one would burn the place down (especially if the college was old enough to have been around before good ol' Thomas Edison. I guess we can only wonder, but it's my bet that someone at the college, or in our readership here on O'Neill's Ghostories, might be able to (and pardon the phrase) shed some light on it.

Pleasant dreams, and thanks for sending in your story, Andrea. It was summa cum applaudee. (groan, where do I think of those terrible puns?)



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