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December 5, 2000

"Sleep at Joes?"
There is a house, there is a place,
there was a time,
Just ask,

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Sleep at Joes?
from Teresa
Hailing From: Mississauga, Ontario
Where it Happened:
My current house

On New Years eve 1997 we all got home around 2:00 a.m. and headed to bed like it had been just another normal evening. My 22 year old brother (I was 23 at the time) was sleeping on the sofa bed in the den, his girlfriend was sleeping in his room directly above, and I was in my room right next door to his. So at around 3:30am I hear this loud banging noise on my door and it is my brother. He was freaking out and crying and said that there was a ghost after him? Yup! I wasn't going to investigate it, so he slept with his girlfriend for the night with a baseball bat in his hands.

The next morning I asked him, albeit curiously,

"What happened Joe?" And he said, "I was just laying on the sofa bed, and I felt the bed shake."

He thought it was an earth quake and sat up.

He then proceeded to say that it stopped, so he looked around the room and then it started again except this time the bed lifted from the floor and started to bang on the wall.

He then jumped off and ran upstairs where the story started.


My brother Joe packed up his suitcase and moved out for about seven days because he was so freaked out about what happened. I just brushed it off, walked in the den and checked things out. Now to give you a picture of what the den looks like, when you walk in there is a chair on your immediate right and beside it is a coffee table. In the corner, right next to that is the couch, then there is a window, and beside that is a TV stand -- and beside that is the video cabinet which holds about 300 video tapes. It is not a large room at all, but long enough for the bed to stretch out.

At the foot of the bed is the video cabinet which is fairly heavy. While I was checking things out, after the "attack," I noticed that the video cabinet had been moved from the wall to the foot of the bed, and that it was still opened. I kept a mental note of that, and didn't bother mentioning it.

The next couple of days were fine. I called home on the Thurday later that week to let my mom know that I was going out for a game of pool. She answered the phone in a hysterical manner -- screaming, crying, yelling she said that someone was in the house, but then they were not there -- I told her to GET OUT NOW!

I called my neighbor and told her to go over right away, and that I was on my way home. When I arrived home my mom met me in the street and told me what happened. She said she had just arrived home from work, and she had closed the door behind her. She then heard someone walk down the hall and into my brothers room (keep in mind that his room is directly above the den where the first instance happened). Then she heard the closet open, the drawers open and shut, basically it just sounded like my brother was in his room doing the reg.

She said, "Joe is that you?"


. . . and no one answered, and the noise continued. She said that she started to walk up the stairs and started to get angry that he was not saying anything.

( My mom hates it when my brother and I scare her)

When she reached the top of the stairs she faced Joe's room at the end of the hall about 20 feet away. She said in a very loud and angry voice, "JOE STOP PLAYING GAMES AND ANSWER ME NOW!!"

Just then the noise stopped the door opened and no one was there. That was when I called and she started to freak out.

Now the big task was going in the house. So I did. The baseball bat was at the bottom of the stairs and I grabbed it (not like it would protect me from anything that could go through walls or anything) . . . .

I turned on every light as I walked. I went into each room and nothing was different. Then I walked into the den!

The room was a mess. It looked like my brother and his football friends left a mess and didn't clean up. The phone was on the floor, the rug as turned over, the chair was pulled from the wall, the TV cabinet was turned sideways.

I got the big time chills all over my body. I asked my mom what happened and she said the my dad was working all day, Joe had not come home, and that she was not home either. I fixed up the den told my mom to go back to the neighbors house, and that I would be back in an hour because I had to pickup my car. She went I went and an hour later I returned with my friend. I had no intention of sleeping alone that night!

Nobody had been in the house since we left. I pulled up and met my mom in the driveway. We walked in and AAHHHHHHH!

The den was a disaster area.

The chair on the right side of the doorway was completely blocking the entrance to the room, the table from the corner was in the center of the room along with the VCR cabinet, the TV was in front of the window and the couch as pulled out and turned!

I started to freak out, my mom started crying and ran to call my dad home from work. It was so weird and we all had the chills for the rest of the night.

I can't forget to mention that we stayed up until the sun came up drinking lots of coffee. Well about a week went by and nothing happened. My brother came home and things were cool for a couple of days. It was about 3:30 again and my parents had gone to bed about midnight. Joe and I stayed up to watch a movie and then headed to bed. As soon as I got to bed and started to dose I heard a noise in the kitchen. It sounded like footsteps and a sniffling sound like someone was crying. It walked through the kitchen, down the hall, up the stairs and started to walk down the hallway towards Joe's and my rooms all the time sniffling sounds. Just then my brother came barreling into my room and dive-bombed my bed. We were paralyzed with fear and couldn't even move.

"I said OK on the count of 3 we will run down the hall to mom and dads room, but keep your eyes closed in case it was there."

1-2-3, and we ran screaming! (I laugh now because we were adults at the time). We scared the life out of my parents! We all went to the kitchen to make yet another pot of coffee and wait until the sun came up. The only strange thing about it was that the dishwasher had just been turned on and was empty!

A few days later we had our priest come in and bless the house and do an exorcism on the whole house (it freaked us all out because the priest performed the exorcism 3 times and each time became very emotional). So since then we haven't had any problems.

Life has continued on as normal - but my mom decided to do some land investigation, considering we were the original owners and all.

What she found out gave us all shivers!

She found out the 100 years ago to the first happening was on New Years Eve 1997 when a farm house had burned down around our property, and four children had perished in the fire. It kind of make sense because of the sniffling sounds.

What she also found out was that our entire neighborhood was built on an ancient cemetery, and that four houses had been haunted since they were built in 1993.

One other thing I didn't mention was that my mom saw an apparition of a women in the basement, the women she saw matched the picture of the mother who people say used to walk the fields after her children had died crying.



Thanks Teresa for your story. I should apologize to many for not being able to post a story sooner to this site, but in all honesty, I have not been feeling 100% -- I will try to get a story up more than once a month, but until February 2001, don't hold me to it, ok? I love you all, but the time has come for me to investigate something that has been dogging me -- and that something might take a while to do.



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