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February 8 , 2001

"Emporium Storyum"
Boxes in the warehouse
moving to and fro.
Hands and arms they move 'em,
without bodies,
hard to shoot 'em

A Late Night Encounter from

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Emporium Storyum
from Gordon
Hailing From: Pierce, Missouri
Where it Happened:
At a friend's emporium late at night

My friend Cliff has an upstairs apartment in a large emporium and I was spending the night there. I went downstairs in the middle of the night to get a soda and I heard a noise, so I went to the southern part of the building and from the distance, I would say about 25 feet, I was witnessing boxes moving around, all by themselves . . .

I called out Cliff's name but there was no response. I did it once more and still no response. So I did what any good-natured young teen who do ... I ran!

I ran up the stairs praying the whole time that Cliff was not up there, but sure enough he was. The funny part about it was that his mom said, "It looks like you've seen a ghost!"

Then his father went downstairs with a 9mm pistol and edged his way over to the southern part of the building, but he saw nothing. Then my friend pointed out to his father the dogs didn't even bark, which was really strange because these dogs would bark at just about anything, even a gnat at a hundred yards!

And that's not all, his father took a picture of the same spot where I had witnessed the boxes moving, and when it developed there was a hand holding a paper up in the air. If you look real close you can see a full outline of a ghost who appears to be (don't laugh) wearing a top hat.

Some time before all this happened in that 102-year-old emporium, an incident occurred over by their old pull elevator. Cliff and his father were working on the second floor near the open shaft. The elevator was on the bottom floor. Cliff's father was not paying attention and was walking backward. Just before he would have fallen into the open shaft, he stepped on to the elevator. No one knew how or why the elevator gotten up to the second floor, but it did, all by itself.


Thanks, Gordon, for sending in your encounters. I am trying to remember, but I think these are the first stories I can recall from emporiums -- a word you really don't hear much of anymore (I always thought it was a cool way to describe a business or a building -- sort of reminds me of the "old days" back in Ann Arbor Michigan at the U of M campus -- they had a lot of old buildings there, and in the 60's it was popular to call them emporiums. I still remember several of them, and one of my favorite places to go was Mr. Flood's Emporium. Ahhhh, what times those were!

Here in California you have to travel some distance to see the older buildings. I have spent a lot of time at the Mission Inn in Riverside, a really great "haunt" -- and I would like to take the train down to Union Station and wander over to the old Roosevelt Hotel for lunch someday, maybe soon. If there are any "aficionados" who would like to join me there, let's coordinate in email and possibly in a few weeks (ie: late February, early March 2001) we can meet there and do a little afternoon exploring. I understand that is where the ghost of several people are still seen today, including Marilyn Monroe!


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