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May 11, 2001

"Goodness Gracious!"
You shake my nerves
And you rattle my brain!
Your kind of lovin' drives a man insane
You broke my will
Oh what a thrill...

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Goodness Gracious!
from Tammy
Hailing From: Daphne, Alabama
Where it Happened:
Columbus Mississippi

Okay, well this is a very private story. Only a very few of my friends know about it, but it was about 8 years ago. I lived in a little house in Columbus, Mississippi. The owner sold it to my boyfriend of the time and he let me live there. I was doing work on the place with wallpaper and painting and such and that was when I first started to notice all the little shadows in the room in spots where there should have been only light. It was really creepy, but nothing I could not live with until I tried to take a nap one afternoon, and that was when I heard something growling in my ear.

It seemed the more I tuned in to it, and took the time to look, was when I would see something floating across the room . . . the scarier it became. But after all, all it was, really, was little noises and objects moving across the room out of the corner of my eye. How bad could that be?

Buy one day turned really sinister. I became afraid to sleep in my room, to take a bath, close my eyes when I washed my hair, or open my eyes in the middle of the night if I heard a noise. And that was bad.

So my boyfriend called the old owner and we found out that she and her husband had built the house, and that he had died, right there, in the living room.

Well, he told her about the trouble I was having, and she said she knew her hubby was still there, and that she would come and tell him to leave me alone. Before she got there he had to show himself to me once more and I still get chills thinking about it.

I was scared half out of my mind that night. I went walking to my room which was also "his" room, and up in the corner where there should have been a shadow, was floating a yellow lightning ball that was shooting sparks of hate at me. There is just no other way to describe it. As it floated down for me, I ran out of the house screaming.

I spent the night at a friends house.

The lady came and talked to her late husband.

The next day after she talked to him, there were no more problems



Now I am not totally sure if that story gave you the chills, but it certainly gave me plenty! Thanks, Tammy, for sending it in. I, we, appreciate it.

I had someone write me the other day asking for advise on how to talk to dead people, so for the record let me clarify that I have no earthly idea. Possibly you should have a visit to . John Edward's Web Site ., but beyond that, I have no idea how to communicate with those who are "beyond."

I wish I did, I truly do. It is one of those things that haunts me, one of those things that I wish I had some kind of handle on, but I don't.

See, my father is going through what I call "The Final Dance" with life. It is really a matter of weeks or days, and soon, he'll sprout wings and soar to his new higher ground. I guess because he is an engineer (one of the greatest engineers who I had the privilege of knowing), he has to piece it apart and understand it fully in his own terms, black, then white, and then once he does, he will fly.

I know I will miss him, and I also know that it will be frustrating that I cannot communicate with him. You would think that, of all people, I would be able to understand these things more than anyone else. But that is not the case, not even close. My job, here on earth, is to pass along the stories -- and for me, that is where it ends.

I have a story someday I want to publish, and maybe if I am lucky, I will find an accomplished co-writer to help me. But that is all I will say about that, because it has no place being on this site, as it is fiction ... but it has screenplay and novel written all over it, if only the right hands and mind were to put it to paper.

I will finish this episode by letting those of you know ... those of you who have web sites and are frustrated at getting your site placed on search engines, that I have a person who places our clients on search engines, and she is phenomenal (yes, I said the "phenom" word). If ever you want to see if she can help you, write her at -- and I know this is a plug, but she deserves it and I wouldn't have anyone else promote our sites.

And that, for now, is all I wanna say about that. Have a good weekend, enjoy, and remember that hug you were going to give someone? Well, what are you waiting for, do it now!

Next week is my birthday and I love jellybeans.

Oh, my apologies in advance, I just had to have music on this page....

My epitath? What would I want it to say? Hmmm...

How about this:

"He was most assuredly nuts when we dragged him away screaming!"


:-) Keno




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