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This Weeks Story
October 15, 2000

"By Your Side"
An unusual night visit
from the journal of

Michael S.

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By Your Side
by Michael S.
Hailing From: Halifax Nova Scotia
Where it Happened:
My bedroom

This happened when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was asleep and I had a nightmare, and while I can't remember what it was about, I do know it was a nightmare!

I got up to get a glass of water. When I came back to bed I lay back down and pulled the covers over me. In the corner of my eye I could see a figure of a person standing at the bottom of my bed! I hid under my blankets so that it wouldn't bother me and I thought that I was just dreaming it, but of course, I had to look again to see what it was!

So I looked. It wasn't a very brilliant idea because this time I looked right at it! It looked just like my grandfather who has been dead since I was two. I didn't really know him but I know what he looked like from seeing pictures of him. I looked at him and he just kinda stood there and stared at me!


My brother said that if he saw him, he wouldn't have been scared -- but I know for a fact that he would have because I knew him better than that!

Well, I don't really have anything else to say except that was the freakiest thing that had EVER happened to me in my life -- and all of those other people who said that they have had encounters with ghosts, who find it hard to find anyone who believes them, well I believe you

. . . I really do!



I thank you for your story, Michael, and what I would like to tell you is this:

Each night when all of us go to bed, most of our relatives who have moved on are probably there to make sure we are OK. The thing that makes some of them reveal themselves is the fact that on that particular night, you and they are in harmony -- like two strings plucked a guitar in tuning and now are both in synch. Moreover, they probably are pushing just a bit harder to let you know they are "there."

It may be just a time, or a date, that makes them want to move toward you. Possibly a birthday or an important date you may not even know of. I'll bet your Grandfather just wanted to see you, since you and he never met.

So don't be afraid -- next time if you can, with your mind and your heart, push back ... to them ... and let them know you are happy they were able to come through as they did. After all, they tried, made the effort, and of all the miracles that shine between life and death's mutual doorway, they were succesful at reaching out to you -- so in these cases, I think, they deserve your sincere recognition. Don't be afraid . . .

Again, thanks for sending in your story -- and for our readers out there, when you turn out your lights to wander into the day's end silent slumber -- open up your eyes just a few minutes later and see if you can feel the touch of those who built their generations to make sure you are there -- warm, safe and with a history that is yours alone -- because of who you are, and who they were.

So maybe it wasn't such a nightmare after all . . .



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